The Fence-sitter is an innovative, cost-effective system that can be used to monitor any fence for abnormal activity on the fence. The system is designed to detect intruders at the perimiter fence and sound an alarm.

The Fence-sitter units are merely attached to each post on the fence and can immideiately start monitoring the fence. As soon as the Fence-sitter detects an abnormal sound on the fence it compares this sound to the ambient noise and then the Fence-sitter makes an informed decision whether or not to inform the base station. The base station then sounds the alarm to which the user can respond.

Each unit in the Fence-sitter system is made of high quality, durable material and is guaranteed for 24 months. The system is designed to monitor any fence easily and effectively. Intelligence is built into the system to prevent most false alarms. Therefore the is no need for additional costly equipment like computers.

The Fence-sitter has a wide range of applications and could monitor fences around the following: Farms, game reserves, mines, national borders, etc.

Should you wish to learn more on how the Fence-sitter could protect your property please send an email to info@draadsitter.co.za and we will contact you.

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